DJ Amaweglisse

DJ Amaweglisse is a new DJ, born and raised in France. She has been immersed in African and Caribbean cultures, especially music and dances from a very young age. As a dancer, DJ Amaweglisse has been exploring musicality in different genres of music from Dancehall to Kizomba, going through different African sounds and movements. But she has a special love for Caribbean Zouk and Konpa which she affectionate since she was 11years old. Amaweglisse believes that these two types of music have been created to draw people to one another and build connection. Going from dance to deejaying is a big step Ama decided to take on to help spread the love of Afro-Caribbean music. She aims to make you dance, connect with other people, immerse yourself into the Afro Caribbean cultures and values and share her love.