Browning Grace 142ml


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Browning Grace 142ml

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About Browning Grace

This sauce is made from sugar that has been caramelised and mixed with a variety of spices. It is commonly used as a condiment for meat and fish dishes. The key ingredient in Caribbean browning sauce is burnt sugar. Therefore, it is important for the sugar to be heated slowly until it begins to turn brown, as then you can ensure that the end result will produce the proper colour and depth of flavour.

Caribbean browning sauce is a dark brown liquid made by caramelizing sugar. It both flavours and colours food. To make an authentic-tasting version, you should use demerara sugar to give it a golden colour, ¾ teaspoon of ground allspice for every cup of water used and then simmer the mixture until it becomes thick and dark.

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Interesting things about Browning

In the early 19th century, a British-owned sugar plantation in Antigua was struggling to sell its rum. The boss, who had a sweet tooth, decided to try something different. He boiled down some of his leftover molasses and added it to vinegar, onion and garlic. The resulting concoction was so popular with his workers that he began selling it locally as “the Sauce”.

Add to the stew when using pigeon peas.



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