Drunken Jamaican Jerk Marinade (Secret Aadvark)


Drunken Jamaican Jerk Marinade (Secret Aadvark), a delicious taste of Rum and Soy sauce, Net Wt. 236ml, Shipping this delicious Jerk marinade across Australia from Sydney!

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Drunken Jamaican Jerk Marinade

Net Wt. 236ml | Made in the USA | Contains soy sauce and rum | Heat level 3

A mouth-blasting blend of thyme, allspice, habanero, garlic and a nice little jolt of dark island rum. A delicious way to kickstart a variety of dishes including jerk chicken (of course) along with all the great recipes you’ll find here.

A unique blend of spices, herbs and a nice little jolt of dark island rum. This marinade is a delicious way to kickstart a variety of your favorite meals. It’s perfect for grilling fish, chicken or pork and also makes an excellent marinade for tacos or wings.

The creators of Drunken Jerk Marinade had a simple idea – to create something that would add amazing flavor to any dish. They went through countless variations, but when they found it, they knew they had something. Their marinade was truly unique and unbelievably delicious.

About Secret Aardvark

Secret Aardvark Trading Co. was founded in 2004 by creative and culinary genius Scott Mortiz. This organisation started selling at farmers markets and are now spreading across the globe, including here in Australia. We now feature this style of Jerk marinade here at the west indian store within our Jerk marines page. check em out.


Soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, green onion, habanero chilli pepper, yellow onion, rum, canola and sunflower oil, ginger root, garlic, organic cane sugar, herbs and spices.

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