Predilecta Guava Paste or Guava Cheese


Buy Now! Shipped from Sydney Predilecta Guava Paste 500g. Guava cheese is a fruited cheese from the Caribbean. Made from sugar and guava, this cheese is soft and creamy. It is a good source of guava and a good source of Vitamin C. This cheese is a soft cheese, so it can be used in a lot of recipes.

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Predilecta Guava Paste

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Guava Cheese is one of the most popular Christmas holiday treats. It is also called “quince cheese” or “quince paste”. A food of the Caribbean made of guava, sugar, and starch. The Guava Cheese is soft and malleable with a faint, pleasantly acidic taste. It is generally eaten in small pieces; for this reason it is also called “quince cheese”.  Guava Cheese is often eaten during the Christmas holidays. Guava Cheese is especially popular in the islands of Grenada, Trinidad, the Netherlands Antilles, and Guyana.

Eat it on crackers, with a slice of savoury cheese.

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