Jamaican Ackee Seasoning Ocho Rios


Jamaican Ackee Seasoning Ocho Rios, ready for use, shipped from Sydney across Australia. Net wt 170g, Jamaican Ackee Seasoning Ocho Rios. Ackee is a beautiful fruit belonging to the same family as lychee and longan.

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Jamaican Ackee Seasoning Ocho Rios

Net Wt 170g | Seasoning

About Ackee & Seasoning

Ackee is a versatile fruit that can be cooked in many ways. It has an exotic and delicious flavour, with a texture that falls somewhere between scrambled egg and avocado. In Jamaica it is commonly used to make the national dish, ackee and saltfish. Now try this wonderful seasoning to add the flavour of Jamaica to your pot.

Ackee is a beautiful fruit belonging to the same family as lychee and longan. This unusual little fruit has just two features that make it unique – it’s one of the few fruits containing a natural cyanide, and this cyanide must be removed from the flesh before consumption. It’s worth it because ackee is delicious!

Ackee is a Caribbean fruit that goes great in so many dishes. It has also been an important part of traditional Jamaican cuisine for centuries, but it is still relatively unknown to the rest of the world. We’re aiming to change that by making ackee available to everyone, everywhere – whether you are looking for some ackee recipes or just want to try it out.

Must Eat Ackee and Salt-fish

Recipe Ackee and Saltfish (Salted Cod)

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