Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’ – 50ml of Magic


Transform your meals with the enchanting power of Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’. Crafted in Australia, this 250ml bottle is filled with the finest blend of habanero chillies and aromatic spices, perfect for those who dare to delight in a touch of culinary magic with every bite.

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Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’ – 50ml of Magic


Magical Flavours: Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’


Unveil the Magic in Every Meal

Step into the culinary wizardry of Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’. From the first taste, be enchanted by the robust heat of habanero chillies, perfectly paired with the depth of onions and garlic. This is where tradition meets innovation, in a bottle brimming with bewitching flavours that are sure to cast a spell on your dining experience.

Artisanal Craftsmanship, Authentic Taste

“Australian-Made, Globally Inspired”

Bottled with care in the land down under, ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’ epitomizes the pinnacle of Australian sauce-making. Zesty lemon and sharp citric acid meld with rich vinegar, creating layers of flavour that speak to the sauce’s artisanal quality. With a hint of capsicum sweetness, it’s a tribute to the diverse and vibrant traditions that inspire its creation.

Elixir for the Exquisite Palate

 “Culinary Creativity Unleashed”

Mama Blu’s ‘Voodoo Chilli Sauce’ is the alchemist’s touch your kitchen craves. It transforms grilled meats, ignites vegan dishes, and becomes the soul of your marinades. Just a dash unlocks a world where every meal is an adventure, a taste that lingers like a spell long after the meal has ended.

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