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Polar Maltin 335ml Can


Buy Now! Shipped from Sydney Polar Malta 335ml. Made from 100% sugar cane and malted barley.Product of Venezuela.

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Polar Maltin 335ml Can 100% Sugar cane

Net Wt.335ml Cans

Polar Malta 335ml, available per can basis singular, made from 100% Sugar Cane, as natural as it can get. Brewed in Florida, this contains water, malted barley, caramel malt, sugar cane, hops and more. store in a cool place. This is a non alcoholic beverage.

Things to know, The nutrients in malt beverages are quickly absorbed and processed by the body. Malt beverages, which naturally have a nutty-sweet, slightly buttery taste, are therefore an ideal source of energy for mental and physical activity. Due to the high-quality proteins, malt beverages can also alleviate stress.

If you had something spicy to eat, enjoy a cold Polar Malta.

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