Taro (White Dasheen) Costa Rica


Buy Now! Frozen Taro Net Wt.1kg. Awesome food used in a variety of dishes Taro pieces can be substituted for potato or rice. Taro Pieces can be used in savoury, sweets and more dishes! Boil the Yams until your desired toughness.

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Taro Costa Rica 1Kg

Net Wt. 1Kg – White Dasheen

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About Taro

Colocasia esculenta is a tropical plant grown primarily for its edible corms, a root vegetable most commonly known as taro, as yam in Malaysia and Singapore, kalo, dasheen, edo, madhumbe, marope, ube, magogoya, patra, arbi or godere. It is the most widely cultivated species of several plants in the family Araceae that are used as vegetables for their corms, leaves, and petioles. Taro corms are a food staple in African, Oceanic, and South Asian cultures (similar to yams), and taro is believed to have been one of the earliest cultivated plants.

Boil & Fry Taro (White Dasheen)!

Check out this boil & fry recipe with these tasty dasheen! Watch . Check out our range of Frozen Items.



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