Dried Roucou Annato Extract


Buy Now, Shipped across Australia from Sydney. Dried Roucou Nt.30g – Roucou has a distinct taste of peppery and nutty, Used in Trinidadian Pastelles for Christmas, but also used in Stews and more. Buy yours today.

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Dried Roucou

Annato Extract which is the seed of the Achiote tree.

Net Wt. 30g

About Roucou

Roucou has a distinct taste of peppery and nutty. It used to be used by the first people of the Americas as an adornment and used for the body and hair. This is the dried version, so we have added a video with instructions on how to draw out the tasty extract. It is referred to as bleeding this seed.  There is also a more information for educational purposes about Roucou. Lasts long once bleeding is done.

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Dried Roucou Popular in the Central American region as well as the Caribbean.

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