Special Madras Curry INDI


Special Madras Curry INDI – Net Wt.85g, Shipping across Australia from Sydney! One of the best Caribbean curry blends, from Guyana.

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Special Madras Curry INDI

Net Wt. 85g contents | Guyanese product

This curry is very rich, in texture, colour, flavour and smell, for the best flavour consider marinating, use best practices when marinating.  We recommend over night but at a minimum 1hr. If you have a curry powder in your pantry, you should highly consider adding this Caribbean curry powder. It will brighten up and add that unique Caribbean flavour to your dishes. Use this product on poultry, meats, fish and vegetables

Chicken Curry Recipe (Guyanese style) using this Madras Curry powder. WATCH HERE!

Ingredients: Tumeric, cumin, mustard, fenugreek, black onion seed, black pepper, ginger, sesame, celery, coriander.



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