The humble Jamaican Pattie makes a grand return, causing a major buzz around town. 


Is this a resurgence or the resurrection? Call it what you want, but the pattie is back in full force. 




Caribbean people and those familiar with Caribbean food, have been eating Jamaican patties or a version thereof, for as long time. In Australia, some have been making their own, and numerous people have also tried their hand at selling patties.  

Spices Matter! 

One could argue that the Caribbean spices, tastes and food are not part of the Australian palate. It’s therefore likely that you’ve had limited opportunities to try this delicious Caribbean bundle of flakey goodness. Within the circles where this food is consumed however, recipes are passed on, and stories are told as the Caribbean spice palate is very important. Taste is important. 





So, it is not so much that it was gone, or wasn’t being consumed at all, or that it wasn’t afforded due respect in the Caribbean culinary scene. It’s more likely that you just hadn’t heard or known of them here in Australia!




Here at last comes a vision for the humble pattie, and the direction it needs to become a fully fledged member of any Aussie get together. Rather than the labour of love involved in making your own, check out Goodies Jamaican Patties. Get some on your table, because you WON’T regret it.




Goodies operates out of Sydney, Australia and is run by a Jamaican-born entrepreneur. Here at Caribbean Sydney  we have gone to great lengths to do quality tasting & control. Yes, we had to taste every pattie, tough work (which we’d gladly do again!). 




Here is our review:

Spicy Beef                   10/10


Curry Chicken             8/10
Jerk Chicken               10/10
Vegan                           8/10
Spicy Beef n Cheese  9/10








I know what you are thinking, Caribbean Sydney is biased, but honestly, they are very good! Place an order, try them for yourself and let us know what you thoughts. In the meantime we have a little interview for you to watch. 



One word of warning, if you don’t handle chili well be sure to order the mild versions! The regular versions do pack a quite a punch with those spicy Caribbean peppers!




Orders can be made via website: