100ml Mama Blu’s Chilli Sauce – Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Sauce Heat Delight


Elevate your meals with Mama Blu’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Sauce’, a perfect blend of fiery habanero and luscious pineapple in a convenient 100ml bottle. Artisanally crafted in Australia, this sauce is your go-to for adding a burst of sweet heat to any dish, making every bite an exotic adventure.

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100ml Mama Blu’s Chilli Sauce – Hot ‘n’ Sweet


Exotic Heat: Mama Blu’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Sauce’


Fusion of Fire and Flavour

Discover the harmonious blend of heat and sweetness with Mama Blu’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Sauce’. A gourmet delight that brings the zest of habanero chillies and the tropical sweetness of pineapple to your kitchen. Each 100ml bottle is a promise of an unforgettable taste experience that will ignite your dishes with just the right amount of spice.

Proudly Australian, Uniquely Global

“Locally Crafted, Globally Inspired”

Mama Blu’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli Sauce’ is a celebration of Australian excellence and global flavor inspirations. Made with the highest quality local ingredients and an infusion of the world’s most tantalizing spices, this sauce is a culinary masterpiece that pays homage to traditional artisanal methods.

Transformative Taste for Every Meal

“Your Kitchen’s Secret Weapon”

Mama Blu’s sauce is the versatile hero your pantry needs. Drizzle it over grilled delicacies, blend it into marinades, or serve it as a dip to elevate your culinary creations. With its unique sweet heat, it’s the perfect finishing touch that takes your dishes from simple to sublime.

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