Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’ – Global Flavours in 100ml


Discover the essence of culinary diversity with Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’, the perfect blend of Australian produce and exotic spices in a 100ml bottle. Made for those who appreciate a milder heat, it’s the versatile, quality sauce that elevates every meal from good to gourmet

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Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’ – Global Flavours in 100ml


Global Flavours, Local Craftsmanship

Indulge in the rich tapestry of taste with Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’. This sauce is a confluence of global flavours tailored for the discerning palate. Each bottle captures the spirit of Australian produce enhanced with a selection of imported spices, creating a culinary bridge between cultures right on your plate.

Pure Australian Goodness

“Crafted with Australian Pride”

Celebrate the essence of Australian agriculture with Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’. Every ingredient, from the robust onions to the crisp citrus, is a testament to local farming excellence. The meticulous blend, including vinegar for tang and capsicum for sweetness, is a commitment to superior taste and quality.

Adaptable Flavour for Any Dish

“Your Go-To Sauce for Every Meal”

Transform your meals from ordinary to extraordinary with the versatile charm of ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’. Its mild heat caters to everyone, enhancing dishes without dominating them. Perfect as a marinade or a finishing touch on grilled favourites, it’s an essential addition to any culinary repertoire.

Savor the Exotic Twist: Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’ Sauce Unleash a world of authentic, exotic flavors with Mama Blu’s food Co. ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’. This culinary masterpiece is a perfect blend of locally sourced Australian ingredients and imported spices, promising a taste adventure that will tantalise your taste buds.

Mama Blu’s ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’ is not just a sauce; it’s a journey through diverse cultures. Each bottle is packed with the fiery zest of Habanero Chillies, the sweetness of Pineapple, and a tangy twist of Lemon, all harmoniously balanced with Spices, Garlic, and Onion. It’s a tribute to authentic flavours from exotic places, capturing the essence of global cuisines in every spoonful.

Proudly made in Australia, this sauce celebrates the richness of local produce. From the fresh Onions to the zesty Citric Acid, each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. The combination of Vinegar, Capsicum, and Xanthan Gum adds a unique texture, while Mustard Seeds and Salt subtly enhance the flavors. This commitment to quality and local sourcing makes Mama Blu’s a responsible and delicious choice.

Whether you’re grilling, marinating, or just looking for a flavorful addition to your meals, ‘Dis Da Mild Wan’ offers versatility. Its mild heat level makes it perfect for all palates, adding depth to your dishes without overpowering them. It’s a great companion for meats, vegetables, and even as a dip, making it a must-have in every kitchen.

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