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Grenada Square Fete Flag


Buy Now! Funky Grenada square flag, shipping across Australia from Sydney.

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Grenada Square Fete Flag

Net Wt. 30g 50×50

Grenada Flag:

The National Flag of Grenada represents the distillation of a national effort to produce an emblem of a nation that can stand for all time and which incorporates simplicity of form, a pleasing visual quality and, not least, is symbolic of the confidence, hope and aspirations of a courageous people accepting the challenge of nationhood. Red: represents the fervour of the people, their courage and vitality – their burning aspiration to be free. The red border is indicative of their dedication to preserve harmony and unity of spirit. Gold: the colour representative of wisdom also holds significance for Grenadians – a representation of the sun, their islands in the sun, the warmth and friendliness to their people. Green: symbolises the fertility of the land, the lush vegetation and the island’s agriculture. The Seven Gold Stars: represents the seven parishes and the hopes and aspirations and ideas upon which the nation was founded. The Nutmeg: represents the reputation as the Isle of Spice and its traditional link with the economy.

Some other interesting things about Grenada.

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