Caribbean Riddim Weekend 

Australia’s ultimate Caribbean experience and the first and only one of its kind!


Caribbean Riddim Weekend is focussed on hosting fun filled Caribbean carnival themed events over one weekend. It draws locals to experience the unique parties, and it invites international Caribbean music enthusiasts to Aussie shores, to enjoy Sydney in comfortable surroundings. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and experience vibrant Caribbean parties.


The Caribbean Riddim Weekend has unfortunately been postponed for 2021. Due to the nature of the event which involves international attendees, performers and DJs, and our continuing local covid-19 situation, we will not be able to proceed.


Caribbean Riddim Weekend is made up of multiple events that draw from the Caribbean Carnival experience. Those that have previously attended enjoyed a welcome party, a J’ouvert style event, a Carnival style Sydney Harbour cruise and after party. We promote to international audiences so they can visit us here in Australia, the biggest Island on the planet, and also enjoy international acts and DJs.


The recent outbreak of the Covid 19 – Delta strain in Sydney has led to a total lockdown of the greater Sydney basin and closed our interstate borders. We don’t anticipate interstate travel to resume soon, nor do we foresee our international borders opening up to international guests. It is for these reasons that we will not be able to proceed with the Caribbean Riddim Weekend in 2021.


Caribbean Sydney is looking forward to brighter years ahead. We are expecting Australia to be fully vaccinated by November 2022. 2022 will hopefully be the year to party with your friends and make new friends, when we relaunch the ‘Caribbean Riddim Weekend’.

A path forward

We are currently assessing the situation moving forward. As we explore ideas for events in 2021, we reflect and are grateful that we were able to host a successful ‘Beach Bar 2021’. We suggest you keep in touch with us via our social media posts, or alternatively, you can join our mailing list. If the opportunity presents itself, we will have something in store for you!

Please note: Ticket holders for the Caribbean Riddim Weekend 2021 will be issued refunds. 

The Welcome Party is themed, we encourage full participation, the event also asks everyone to show representation, where are you from? Show us in dress or bring your flag! The J’ouvert style party is messy in one word! For the uninitiated we party and get covered in a manner of paint. Paint and T-shirt is provided. Carnival Candy Cruise is a costume cruise, participation is a must, hundreds of people in costume cruising Sydney harbour! You can’t be left out! It is also all about your pictures being taken so come looking your best!

This event is for Carnival fanatics the world over, and people whom love a good time and great vibes. Your Caribbean Riddim Weekend will be a memorable experience powered by Caribbean music. See you there.