Global Goal Auckland

‘Global Gyal’ prominent Caribbean Influencer

What is a Global Gyal 


Every once in a while you meet people that have that thing, that something to makes you go hmmmmm, also referred to as X factor. 


We’ll it just so happened that we met an individual who has it, and has big plans for the future! We at Caribbean Sydney are all for big plans! Dreaming big, thinking big and chasing that big goal. Yeah! 


Meet the ultimate jet setter, hailing from the humble Caribbean Islands called Antigua and Barbuda, Alyssa Derrick. Alyssa also goes by the appropriately chosen stage name “Global Gyal”.


Caribbean Riddim Weekend

Caribbean Sydney had the pleasure of working with her on the Caribbean Riddim Weekend 2019  Global Gyal was a valuable team member for this weekend, working behind the scenes to accomplish so much. We want to thank her for her outstanding efforts and for putting in her infectious positivity into everything! 


She is currently back in the Caribbean, re-charging after an unexpected Covid filled year spent in Sydney. We want to wish her the best in the future as she regroups to continue her globe-trotting. Check Global Gyal out on her journey and stay connected. Follow her blogs, vlogs and Instagram, as she takes on the world with her Antiguan spirit. 

 You know us, we had to make time to talk to her before she left our shores. Please check out our interview. 





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