The West Indian Store Sydney “Caribbean Groceries” 

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“The West Indian Store offers Caribbean products in Sydney, with shipping across Australia. Our products include Jerk seasonings, curry powders, chilli sauces, earrings, swimwear and more.”

The goal

The goal of ‘The West Indian Store’ is to offer Caribbean groceries in Sydney and expose more Australians to the flavours of the Caribbean. It is important that Sydneysiders can interact with Brand West Indies /  Caribbean through additional channels like this retail location; traditionally it has been through music, sports and pop up restaurants.
We want Sydneysiders to be introduced to these Caribbean culinary items. We would also like to help people become more aware of the differences, variations and commonalities across the Caribbean. We sell a diverse range of products from the English, French, Spanish & Dutch Caribbean nations. Aside from food items, we also stock hair and skin products.

For instance, you can get ‘Doubles flour/ bara mix’ (Trinidad & Tobago) to make your very own fluffy golden tumeric infused fry breads. For some, this is undisputibaly one of the world’s best street foods. This can be enjoyed with curried stewed gorgonzola beans, culantro and tamarind sauce topped with sliced cucumber. 

It is exciting that people that have lived in the traditionally Caribbean enclaves throughout the world, such as London, Toronto and New York, can also revisit and make their favourite Caribbean dish right here in Australia. 

We are a small shop with a variety of things for purchase, feel free to come in and ask questions. We invite you to come along Wednesday through to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm.

We are located on level 1, 201 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, 2204, (through the glass doors). If in person is not an option for you, you are more than welcome to purchase items via our online shop, which is accessible via