Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder 450g – Island Flavour at Home


Bring the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean into your home with Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder. Our 450g pack is the secret to traditional curry chicken and curried goat, beloved across Jamaica. With a blend of turmeric, coriander, and exotic spices, Betapac is your ticket to an authentic Jamaican culinary adventure.

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Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder

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The Authentic Jamaican Flavour: Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder


Discover the Heart of Jamaica: Scotch Betapac Curry Powder

Dive into the rich culinary heritage of Jamaica with Scotch Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder. This 450g pack encapsulates the vibrant essence of the island, blending traditional spices that are the cornerstone of Caribbean cuisine. Every tablespoon offers the warmth of turmeric, the zesty kick of coriander, and the unique flavours of fenugreek and cumin, perfect for authentic Jamaican dishes.

A Symphony of Spices

Betapac Curry isn’t just about heat; it’s a melody of tastes and aromas. The powder features an intricate mix of pimento and black pepper, meticulously sourced for top quality, while star anise adds a surprising sweetness. This combination ensures that each dish is not only flavourful but also resonates with the true spirit of Jamaican culture.

Transform Your Kitchen into a Caribbean Haven

With Betapac Curry, your kitchen becomes a gateway to the Caribbean. Whether you’re cooking a hearty curry chicken or a savoury curried goat, this spice mix provides the foundational flavours that make these dishes truly stand out. It’s not just a spice—it’s an invitation to celebrate the rich, cultural tapestry of Jamaica with every bite.

Beyond Traditional Curries

“Beyond Curries: A Versatile Spice” – Betapac’s reach extends beyond traditional Caribbean dishes. Its well-balanced blend is ideal for spicing up marinades or adding a Caribbean twist to roasted vegetables. The rich, golden hue and inviting aroma of Betapac curry make it a versatile kitchen staple, encouraging culinary exploration and innovation.

The Colour and Aroma of Authenticity

Experience the authentic look and scent of Jamaican curry with Betapac. The powder’s striking golden color brightens dishes, while its aromatic properties fill the air, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. This visual and olfactory appeal is crucial in crafting dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

A Celebration of Jamaican Culinary Traditions

Betapac is more than just a seasoning; it’s a tribute to Jamaica’s rich culinary history. Each pack is a testament to the island’s tradition of spice blending, which has been perfected over generations. Using Betapac means participating in a longstanding practice of Jamaican cooking, bringing a piece of the island’s soul to your table.

Culinary Creativity with Betapac

Unleash your culinary creativity with Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, this spice blend offers endless possibilities to innovate and impress. From traditional Caribbean curries to unexpected twists like curry-infused baked goods, Betapac is your secret ingredient for creative cooking.

Quality You Can Taste

Every packet of Betapac Curry Powder is a promise of quality. Crafted in Jamaica, it uses spices that are carefully selected and blended to meet high standards. This commitment to quality means that you can rely on Betapac to deliver consistent flavour and freshness in every dish, making it a trusted choice for cooks around the world.

The Ultimate Caribbean Cooking Experience

Bringing Betapac into your kitchen means inviting the essence of the Caribbean into your home. Its robust flavors are designed to transport you to the sandy shores and lush landscapes of Jamaica, all through the power of taste. Embrace the spirit of island cooking with Betapac, and let every meal be an adventure.

The Spice That Celebrates Culture

In every tablespoon of Betapac Curry Powder lies a celebration of Jamaican culture. This spice blend is not only a staple in kitchens but also a bearer of Jamaican heritage, reflecting the island’s history and its people’s passion for vibrant, flavorful food. Let Betapac be a daily reminder of the joy and festivity inherent in Jamaican cuisine.

Whether you’re new to Jamaican flavours or a connoisseur of Caribbean cuisine, Betapac Curry Powder is an essential addition to your spice cabinet. Its versatility and authentic taste make it ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of Jamaica to their cooking, proving that every meal can be a festive, flavourful celebration of island life.

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Ingredients: Turmeric, Coriander, Fenugreek, Cumin, Pimento, Black pepper, Star anise.

Curry chicken is a favourite, watch this!


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