Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder 110g – Island Flavour at Home


Bring the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean into your home with Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder. Our 110g jar is the secret to traditional curry chicken and curried goat, beloved across Jamaica. With a blend of turmeric, coriander, and exotic spices, Betapac is your ticket to an authentic Jamaican culinary adventure.

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Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder

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The Authentic Jamaican Flavor: Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder


Exquisite Blend of Jamaican Spices

Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Jamaica with Betapac Curry Powder. This 110g pack is packed with the traditional spices that are the cornerstone of Caribbean cuisine. Each tablespoon brings the warmth of turmeric, the spice of coriander, and the unique flavors of fenugreek and cumin to your kitchen, making it the perfect choice for creating dishes that resonate with the island’s soul.

Transform Your Kitchen into a Caribbean Haven

“Curry with a Jamaican Heartbeat”

Whether you’re crafting a robust curry chicken or a flavorful curried goat, Betapac provides the essential flavours that make these dishes stand out. Its pimento and black pepper are sourced to ensure the highest quality, while star anise adds a hint of sweetness. Betapac is not just a spice; it’s a celebration of Jamaican culture.

Versatility in Cooking

“Beyond Curries: A Versatile Spice”

Betapac’s Jamaican Curry Powder isn’t limited to traditional uses. Its balanced blend allows for creativity in the kitchen, from marinades to seasonings for roasted vegetables. Its rich, golden hue and inviting aroma make it a versatile ingredient that can inspire a variety of culinary creations.

This is an excellent curry powder produced in Jamaica and used for various dishes. traditionally used in Curry chicken and Curried Goat.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Coriander, Foenugreek, Cumin, Pimento, Black pepper, Star anise.

Curry chicken is a favourite, watch this!


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