Lion Of Zion Incense


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Lion Of Zion Incense

40 Cm Length  | 10 Sticks

Lion Of Zion Incense

In a world where the pursuit of earthly pleasures is widespread, the Lion of Zion Incense can help you get closer to ***. Burn these sticks and spread the holy words of Rastafari all over. If you are one who loves his/her body, this incense will lift you on a spiritual high even without any high-grade weed, just burn.  We have additional rasta inspired products available.

How to use Lion Of Zion Incense

Incense sticks made from natural ingredients like herbs, woods, roots and flowers. These aromatic incense sticks evoke a sense of spirituality in our mind and body while the pleasant aroma rejuvenates us with an energy boost. This incense has an earthy fragrance which reflects the free nature of the Rastafarian. We highly recommend this scented incense, as it can be used for all forms of meditation, rituals and simply to enhance your home with a beautiful aroma.

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